Pimps Up, hoes down

Pimps & Players Network is a private website who’s sole purpose is to be an outlet for knowledge and comprehension of the Pimp game. A place of recognition for those who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the game and its perfection. PPN has been reborn, reshaped into its true intended form. Accommodating squares is no longer a priority and while the word CHAT will remain in the domain name it is in no way pertaining to chat of any kind, CHAT stands for Charge Hoes And Tricks. PPNCHAT is now for Pimps, Players and Hoes…Welcome to the only place on the net that has you in mind.

Who is it for?

The media has always misrepresented the Game. They only show runaway kids, or some doped out teen, rarely have you seen or heard the story of the adult who made the choice to be in the game. I had hoes that wanted to be hoes, no one was on my team by force, nor was force use to keep them, I used greed, the dream of success and verbal mastery.

Hoes who love what they do are soldiers in the game

Pimping is a way of life

Hollywood Mr. B

Master Philologist

If a hoe truly took to your pimping there were no boundaries or limits to what the bitch would do for you in the name of the Pimping. 

Hollywood Mr. B


These were the kind of Hoes they never interviewed in the news or on TV shows. These were the kind of Hoes that is the backbone of the pimp game. I was not the only pimp who had Hoes like these, most good pimps did.

Hollywood Mr. B


At the end of the sermon I had each bitch kneel and kiss the back of my hand and repeat after me; “I am Mr. B’s hoe.”