About Us
This is the home to the Drama free chat family. DFC-PPN dates back to the yahoo chat rooms days. Known as one of the largest chat family on the net at the time DFC-PPN was the ultimate chat platform. Now 2017 PPN is Networking and web hosting at its best with a host of high tech features to ensure you get the most from your experience with us. PPN is also a Hosting provider. Developed by some of the finest specialists around, our PPN cloud hosting platform will work properly regardless of what site you host there or the amount of concurrent readers are looking at your site. Additionally, it can undergo any familiar DoS attack. That is why, we will confidently provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Which means that your web sites will remain on the Internet and will continue to serve all the customers no matter what goes on on the server. Site Control Panel A fundamental element of our cloud hosting system is without a doubt the Site Control Panel called Hepsia. Therefore, we designed it to be quite simple to operate. Still, we didn’t forfeit any useful functionality – our Control Panel is rich in features and apart from all the crucial website administration tools, it gives you also a variety of instruments for knowledgeable clients. What our Control Panel accomplishes really well is to help you to give full attention to handling your web sites and domain names. For instance, you won’t have to use a different billing panel – it’s all conducted from the same location. You are able to rid yourself of FTP clients – our file manager offers a drag & drop file upload support. You don’t need to own standalone panels in order to handle many sites – we’ve rendered multiple–website management simple. A website stats tool will start working whenever you take your web site on the Internet. In addition, you can apply our Web Accelerator Instruments to rapidly maximize your website’s loading speed. Customer Support Last, but not least, we have generally aimed being a people–centric organization. Ever since day one we launched, we’ve had a 24/7 support team waiting. And also from the start, our technical support team has been supplying a 1–hour response time guarantee. You can forget about needing to lose time waiting for never ending hours for the tech support team to reply – you’re going to get excellent quality answers in just 1 hour, it’s guaranteed. The normal response period is under 20 min – we make an effort to obtain the utmost degree of customer support. we are all about Drama free.