In its conception the DFC was just a chat family on yahoo. A few chatters (300) that had more fun being friends then screaming and hollering at one another. The Drama free slogan was a natural and seemed to be the cornerstone of what the DFC was trying to do as a means of great entertainment on their computers. The Positive people network was born out of growth and the need to expand DFC and the chat family in the new networking era. Changing the name to include PPN was our move into the next level. (DFC-PPN) DFC= Drama free chat PPN= Positive people network. Growth and a longing for controlled drama free chat and owning a chat site of our own was ingénues thus was born. Today the DFC chat family is down to a few dedicated members and PPN has evolved into a social network with features like no other to date. 2018 is a good time to add swag to your computer and phone experience. Come support me in my endeavor to create a better place to meet, learn, grow and network.

PPN is a place for Positive people, it’s the most fun family on the net. This is the jump-off spot for fun and laughter, for growing and reaching out beyond your horizons. You have not had fun yet, PPN will turn it up and keep you reading a post on the daily. Soon you’ll be asking all your friends “are you PPN?”

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