Here are 65 deep questions to ask your partner that will immediately bring you closer together:

1) What were your first thoughts when we met?

2) How much do you value me?

3) What do you dream about when it comes to our future?

4) What is the one rule you have for yourself that you will never break?

5) What has stayed the same in this relationship since the beginning?

6) Who is more loving between us?

7) What do you contribute to the relationship the most?

8) What would you alter about our partnership?

9) What loving thing do I do that you like the most?

10) What is your best characteristic?

11) Am I your soulmate? Why?

12) What secret haven’t you told me yet?

13) What is our funniest memory together?

14) When were you most open with me during this partnership?

15) If we break up tomorrow, what would you miss the most?

16) What characteristic of mine is your favorite?

17) What have you always wanted to ask me?

18) If I had to move to another country, would you be willing to wait, or would we break up?

19) What shared memory do you love more than all others?

20) Does love frighten you?

21) What frightens you most when it comes to love?

22) Which similarity do we both share that you can’t get enough of?

23) Which difference do we both share that you can’t get enough of?

24) Do you think destiny is real?

25) What are you scared about with our relationship?

26) What single word would you choose to best describe our partnership?

27) What single word would you choose to best describe our love?

28) What part of this relationship makes you happiest?

29) How much do you value this relationship?

30) How much do you value love?

31) How are we compatible?

32) What do you want me to do more?

33) How much have we changed since our first date?

34) What could you best improve in this relationship?

35) If you could get a free roundtrip ticket with me to anywhere right now, where would it be?

36) How is our relationship special compared to others?

37) How do you like to show your love?

38) Would you want to have an open relationship?

39) Are soulmates real?

40) What thing do I hate about myself that you love?

41) Have I been sensitive and open in our relationship?

42) Have you been open with me as a partner?

43) What physical aspect of me do you love most?

44) What could our relationship be better at?

45) Where is your favorite spot with me?

46) What do you want to do with me that we have never tried together?

47) Why did you fall in love with me?

48) Are we “born” to meet our “other half”?

49) Did you think this relationship would be short or long when we started?

50) What is your most vivid memory of the first time we met?

51) What’s the best lesson you learned from your parents?

52) How have your priorities changed over time?

53) Would you rather be crazy rich, or deeply in love?

54) What obstacles are currently trying to overcome?

55) What memory instantly makes you smile?

56) Do you believe in true love?

57) What’s something you enjoy doing that you never get tired of?

58) What do you think about most often?

59) What happened in the last dream you remember?

60) When was the last time you really pushed yourself to your physical limits?

61) What’s the thing you most want to achieve when you die?

62) Who is your hero? What qualities make them your choice?

63) What’s the most important value you would teach a young person?

64) What’s the one thing that should be taught, but isn’t?

65) Is there anything you’re ashamed of in the past?

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